Bitch I’m Madonna!: Watch Madonna’s EXPLODING new video featuring Nicki Minaj HERE!

Madonna is not only back, she is back with the vengeance to let us know she is still the Queen of Pop with this celebrity oozed new video which is sure to explode your mind.

Besides the star-studded cast she overloads with creativity. The video includes a bunch of children in ‘Like a Virgin’ costumes miming the words “Bad Bitch”. There are girls fighting, people partying constantly and very, very famous people referring to themselves as ‘Madonna’ by tonguing “Bitch I’m Madonna” or in Beyonce’s case ‘Voguing it’.

The song also features Nicki Minaj who, to nobody’s surprise, raps a great catching verse. But if you ask us Madonna would have done fine even without the Princess of Hip Hop, however, we do love Nicki and she ads a great touch to the song and video.

The Video which exclusively debuted on Jay Z’s new Tidal streaming service recieved a ton of heat from fans who were upset with the choice to limit the viewership to only Tidal subscribers. The video has since been released on Vevo.

The video does really amaze us for sure. We LOVE it! It brings us back to the early millenium when music videos were pop enthused and actually really FUN to watch. All around an enjoyable video. And yes she did it, she is back!

So who is in it? We all know the celebrities which were announced beforehand such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj to name a few, however, there were many surprise cameos! Too many to count and because it ruins the element of surprise, we will let you watch the video and see for yourself.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think:)


The Weeknd Is Back With Another Amazing Song. Watch the eerie ‘The Hills’ Video Here!

With the successful 50 Shades of Grey hit ‘Earned it’ still making waves on the charts. One of my favourites the Weeknd is back with a freshly released new single, ‘The Hills’. This comes after many of his unfinished songs were unfortunately leaked earlier this week. The Weeknd retaliated by quickly dropping this single accompanied with an eerie music video in which he survives a car crash. Furthermore, this heightens our suspicions that The Weeknd will soon release a new record, the follow up to his 2013 album ‘Kiss Land’.

The song has the signature The Weeknd sound and does not fail at all. With the familiar heavy bassline and sexy sound The Weeknd manages, yet again, to capture the listener’s emotions with his soultry voice as he always does!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

HiGHlarious Car Karaoke with Justin Bieber and James Corden! Who Knew Justin Was Smart? Watch The Video Here!

Justin Bieber got picked up by James Corden to do a Carpool Karaoke segment for James’ show, The Late Late Show with James Corden and the results are HiGHlarious! The Carpool Karaoke segment has previously featured guests Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson.

The video that has now gone viral is definitely worth watching! Who knew Justin Bieber could solve a Rubik’s Cube that fast!

Watch the video below!

Let us know what you think.

Jay Z Get’s Called Out!

You may remember a while ago Jay Z made art out of a performance for an HBO special, where he performed Picasso Baby live in an intimate and artful setting.

Well to create the best possible artistic vision he enlisted the help of renowned artist Marina Abramovic, who gladly and succesfully helped create the renowned ‘art’ performance where Jay Z also adapted her previous work.

Well apparently Jay Z hasn’t followed the ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’ agreement he had with Marina. By this I mean that Jay Z has failed to give the gratitude Marina was expecting from the rapper in return for helping him. Marina is now calling out the rapper and stating their business was a “one way transaction”. She said:

“I am very pissed by this since he adapted my work only under one condition: that he would help my institute, which he didn’t.

What do you think?

The day before, he came to my office and I gave him an entire power point presentation and said: okay, you can help me, because I really need help to build this thing. Then he just completely used me. And that wasn’t fair.”

Ouch! Well one thing is clear, that she will “never” work with him again.

While you ponder over this ordeal, take a look at the infamous performance below, and as always, let us know what you think of the performance and the situation.

Song of The Day: Wet – ‘Deadwater’

Featured image

The Brooklyn trio, Wet, have come very far since we first heard of them in late 2013.

Although with little exposure they managed to release their debut self-titled EP independently and sell over a thousand copies. The EP had also been streamed almost a million times on Soundcloud. Thus, it was only a matter of time the soulful band got swooped up by a major label, Columbia.

With this, they are now back with a new video for their breathtaking, soulful debut major label single ‘Deadwater’. The song is sultry and the lead singer Zutrau woos with her ingenious voice and the band creates something special with their artful melody.

Watch the brand new video below! Let us know what you think.

So, how was it?

Song of The Day

This song by Tove Lo called ‘Habits (Stay High)’ was one of my favorites this past winter. She captures a resounding and uplifting yet simplistic beat with interesting lyrics and a subtle voice.

Crank up the base and take a listen whilst watching the video below!

What did you think? Leave a comment below:)

Hugs and Kisses


Amazing Hyperrealism!

A while ago I was amazed by some beautiful and interesting photos I was shown by a friend. The photo above looks like a beautiful vacation photo of a woman enjoying a swim in a pool, right?

Well think again! This is actually a painting by an incredible Venezuala based artist called Gustavo Silva Nuñez.

Gustavo incredibly captures realism in his art which has wowed people all over the globe. The stunning pictures are actually canvas paintings in which Gustavo has managed to create the ultimate realistic illusion that make the paintings practically come to life and jump out the canvas. This is hyperrealism at its best.

Check out his Instagram here: Gustavo Silva Nuñez

And see more incredible art below:)

Hugs and Kisses


From Swedish to English

Jag vill börja med att tacka alla som har tagit sin tid att titta och läsa min nya blogg! Bloggen har växt enormt på bara två veckor och jag har fler läsare än vad jag någonsin kunnat tänkt mig på så kort tid och få blogg inlägg:) Jag önskar starkt att fortsätta växa och det skulle betytt mycket om ni kunde lämna kommentarer och ge feedback på bra/dåligt och vad jag kan göra/skriva om för att förbättra bloggen.

Det är så otroligt bra att man nu har möjligheten att bara på få sekunder dela det man önskar med hela världen och blogging gör detta möjligt för vanliga människor som oss.

Eftersom bloggen har växt en del den sista veckan så har jag bestämt mig att från och med nu börja blogga på Engelska så jag kan nå en bredare publik, vi ska ju inte diskriminera efter allt:p

Tack igen för att ni läser, älskar er alla!

Puss o Kram


Chris Brown: Naked Woman Broke Into His House & Waited For Him In Bed — PIC

Okej, det är väl många, jag inkluderad, som drömmer om att ligga naken i Chris Brown’s säng. Men detta var ju lite extremt…Talk About Crazy!

Hollywood Life

OMG. Things got terrifying for Chris Brown when he discovered a crazed fan had broken into his home! The intruder rifled through his daughter’s clothes, vandalized the walls with ‘crazy voodoo stuff,’ and was found lying completely naked in his bed! Chris snapped a picture of this woman and shared it to all his fans!

Uh-oh. Normally, when a naked woman is found in the bed of Chris Brown, 26, it means he’s been up to no good. However, Karrueche Tran, 26, doesn’t have to be worried that Chris has been caught cheating again. It’s strange but true, as this time, it wasn’t Breezy’s fault! He had no idea who this woman was or why he was in his home! Click to see the pic of this woman — maybe you recognize her?

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Song of The Day

Innan jag lämnar er för natten så måste jag lägga upp dagen’s låt. Det är en väldigt bra remix av club succén ‘I’m In Love With The Coco’ med Ed Sheeran! Detta är en lite softare version med en fångande melodi.


Vad tyckte ni?

Puss o Kram