Bitch I’m Madonna!: Watch Madonna’s EXPLODING new video featuring Nicki Minaj HERE!

Madonna is not only back, she is back with the vengeance to let us know she is still the Queen of Pop with this celebrity oozed new video which is sure to explode your mind.

Besides the star-studded cast she overloads with creativity. The video includes a bunch of children in ‘Like a Virgin’ costumes miming the words “Bad Bitch”. There are girls fighting, people partying constantly and very, very famous people referring to themselves as ‘Madonna’ by tonguing “Bitch I’m Madonna” or in Beyonce’s case ‘Voguing it’.

The song also features Nicki Minaj who, to nobody’s surprise, raps a great catching verse. But if you ask us Madonna would have done fine even without the Princess of Hip Hop, however, we do love Nicki and she ads a great touch to the song and video.

The Video which exclusively debuted on Jay Z’s new Tidal streaming service recieved a ton of heat from fans who were upset with the choice to limit the viewership to only Tidal subscribers. The video has since been released on Vevo.

The video does really amaze us for sure. We LOVE it! It brings us back to the early millenium when music videos were pop enthused and actually really FUN to watch. All around an enjoyable video. And yes she did it, she is back!

So who is in it? We all know the celebrities which were announced beforehand such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj to name a few, however, there were many surprise cameos! Too many to count and because it ruins the element of surprise, we will let you watch the video and see for yourself.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think:)


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